going too far?

My Fellow Americans: Please don’t eat this crap.  If you stop eating it, the lovely folks over at Tony’s will stop making it.  Save yourself $5 and a heart attack, and go eat an apple. My friend Jenny posted this earlier – and I couldn’t stop myself from commenting. Now – I will completely admit, that I love junk food.  Love it.  But this is just gross. If you REALLY, REALLY want to go on a carb binder – at least do yourself a favor and do it right – at a good restaurant that makes good food.  Don’t let … Continue reading going too far?

vote for memphis

So Southern Living is taking a reader poll for the tastiest towns, and Memphis is in third place behind Asheville and Durham.  Get out there and vote people. We all know that Memphis has some great restaurants, but here’s my list of why you should vote Memphis as the tastiest town. Memphis-style BBQ.  Love it/hate it doesn’t matter there isn’t Ashville-style BBQ or Durham-style BBQ.  No but we do.  Memphis-style. Gus’s Fried Chicken.  Constantly named the best fried chicken in the country.  When I crave fried chicken – there is only one place that I want to go – Gus’s. … Continue reading vote for memphis

duck eggs

Dear blogesphere – You love duck eggs.  I am continually surprised the number of people who hit this blog in search of recipes on how to cook duck eggs.  By far – my solitary post on soft boiled duck eggs and soldiers has gotten the most views to date. While I would love to assume it’s the photography – I mean look at the composition in that shot… But I am just curious – is it just duck eggs?  Are we that unfamiliar with eggs of any sort besides chicken?  Interesting idea, and probably true since I had never had … Continue reading duck eggs