duck eggs

Dear blogesphere – You love duck eggs.  I am continually surprised the number of people who hit this blog in search of recipes on how to cook duck eggs.  By far – my solitary post on soft boiled duck eggs and soldiers has gotten the most views to date.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 11.40.01 PM

While I would love to assume it’s the photography – I mean look at the composition in that shot…

But I am just curious – is it just duck eggs?  Are we that unfamiliar with eggs of any sort besides chicken?  Interesting idea, and probably true since I had never had a duck egg until this summer.

Tell me blog readers – have you tried duck eggs?  While not what I was used to them (though – I’ve had a REALLY hard time mastering hard boiled chicken eggs), I loved these duck eggs.  And knowing that soft-boiling them provided me all of the gooey yolks that I love with buttered toast and the protein that I need, without frying eggs.

Shall we make a New Year’s Resolution to seek out duck eggs and report back? Tell me what you love, hate, find different, find the same. Either way, just report back.

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