vote for memphis

So Southern Living is taking a reader poll for the tastiest towns, and Memphis is in third place behind Asheville and Durham.  Get out there and vote people.

We all know that Memphis has some great restaurants, but here’s my list of why you should vote Memphis as the tastiest town.

  1. Memphis-style BBQ.  Love it/hate it doesn’t matter there isn’t Ashville-style BBQ or Durham-style BBQ.  No but we do.  Memphis-style.
  2. Gus’s Fried Chicken.  Constantly named the best fried chicken in the country.  When I crave fried chicken – there is only one place that I want to go – Gus’s.
  3. Memphis’s Fine Dining Scene.  Restaurant Iris, Andrew/Michael Kitchen, Sweet Grass, Tsunami, Erling Jensen, just to name a few of the restaurants that grace the national scene on the regular.
  4. Memphis’s Casual Dining Scene.  Doesn’t matter what part of town you’re in.  You are guaranteed to find a local restaurant serving up delicious food for cheap.  For Memphians, eating local has never been better.
  5. Farmers Markets. Everywhere. All year long.  Even through many of our largest farmer’s markets are seasonal, there are still a few that offer fresh produce even in the dead of winter.

So those are my top 5.  I think they’re pretty solid reasons, so come on Memphis get out there vote and show Southern Living why we are the tastiest.

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