going too far?

My Fellow Americans:

Please don’t eat this crap.  If you stop eating it, the lovely folks over at Tony’s will stop making it.  Save yourself $5 and a heart attack, and go eat an apple.

photo credit: Memphis Flyer

My friend Jenny posted this earlier – and I couldn’t stop myself from commenting. Now – I will completely admit, that I love junk food.  Love it.  But this is just gross.

If you REALLY, REALLY want to go on a carb binder – at least do yourself a favor and do it right – at a good restaurant that makes good food.  Don’t let Tony’s Frozen pizza kill you…

And with that I’m stepping down from my soapbox…

For today…

2 thoughts on “going too far?

    1. I know, right? Frankly, I’m not even really opposed to a Mac & Cheese pizza, but I definitely would go for higher quality than Tonys. I guess the moral of the story is – go for quality, even for junk food. :)

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