downtown dinging – a night at bleu

You may be wondering about this title – no it’s not a typo but a silly joke among my friends.  SEVERAL years ago, we coined the term after I mistakenly mispelled dining in an epic email thread. Plus, dinging is just silly. :) Tuesday night, I took a break from the election action to join my workwife Katherine, her person Kelsey and bestie Susan for dinner at Bleu.  This week restaurants across downtown are participating in Downtown Dining sponsored by Downtown Memphis and others.  Each restaurant creates a 3-course menu for the low, low price of $20.12. Katherine has been … Continue reading downtown dinging – a night at bleu

falling in love with overton square

This weekend, I fell back in love with Overton Square. Located in the heart of Midtown, Overton Square is undergoing a major transformation, and this weekend I got to see the first signs of progress. I volunteer with the Indie Memphis film festival, and this weekend we celebrated the 15th festival with screenings all over the Square – Circuit Playhouse, Playhouse on the Square and Studio on the Square. This gave me plenty of time to walk all over the square and eat at the many neighborhood restaurants. Friday night, my friends and I ended a busy day of movies … Continue reading falling in love with overton square

turtles and mexican food

I feel like this week is pork week.  First the pork tenderloin, then yesterday’s green beans, now today’s carnitas tacos from Las Tortugas (turtles) Deli Mexicana. But these tacos were too good not to mention.  Yes, I am keenly aware that I have been totally late to the game on making my way out to Deli Mexicana. For years, I have gotten states of shock and horror when I mention how much I love Mexican food and that I have never been out there.  Well ladies and gents, I have heard your suggestions and finally had a reason to be … Continue reading turtles and mexican food

and dim sum

When my sister was in town a couple of weeks ago, we ended the weekend with a Mauck family first – Dim Sum.  Before Becky headed home, we decided to forgo the typical Sunday brunch and we headed east to the Golden Coast on Germantown Parkway.  Not quite the Far East, but out of the loop is pretty far to me. :) After a couple of online recommendations – including a review from Kerry at – so we figured this would be a good place to try something new.  Golden Coast is nestled into an unassuming shopping center on … Continue reading and dim sum

family fun day: being a tourist for the day

Friday afternoon, my sister made an impromptu trip down to visit my brothers and I.  We have always had an extremely close family, and I love it when we have siblings weekend – just all of us together laughing, playing, being a family. Yesterday just so happened to be Downtown Museum Day, and as Tennessee residents we got free or discounted admission to many downtown Museums.  We decided to take advantage and be tourists for the day.  I didn’t think that I could love being Memphian more than I did before yesterday, but now I know that me and Memphis … Continue reading family fun day: being a tourist for the day